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Description Italian oregano is a beautiful low growing evergreen, with strong sweet flavor. It is a very different flavor for oregano, so it depends what your taste buds like. I enjoy this oregano for many lighter dishes with chicken and fish, or chopped into salads. Many chefs cook with the flowers of this oregano, chopping the green and white flower heads into their cooking. The flowers are more robust and sweeter. Italian oregano can definitely be a bit invasive, so plant it in somewhat poor soil, full sun, and keep in a very dry location. This oregano is a very hardy evergreen, so you can harvest from it year round. One of my favorite uses for this plant it to cut the flowers and dry them for use with dried kitchen arrangements and wreaths. The fragrance of the dried flowers is divine and they are beautiful used as filler for a culinary wreath. Additional information FOLIAGE Evergreen LIFESPAN Perennial SUN EXPOSURE Sun to part shade FLOWER COLOR white

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