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“The narrow leaves of French Thyme are distinctly grayer and sweeter than English Thyme. One of the three major varieties of Thyme, French Thyme is sometimes referred to as ‘Summer Thyme’. Essential in French cooking – no stew, soup or ragout is complete without this key culinary ingredient and it compliments meats, seafood, veggies and sauces well. French Thyme is also a basic herb in the savory seasoning satchel, Bouquet Garni, because it retains its flavor and scent during the cooking process.

Aside from its culinary value, French Thyme, like most other varieties of the Thyme family, is also prized for its preservative properties. Used to keep meats, ice cream and candies from spoiling, Thyme was also used in the embalming process by Ancient Egyptians.

Medicinally, French Thyme, like the rest of this flavorful herb’s namesakes, has significant medicinal capabilities. Used externally as a balm or poultice, it can be used to treat rashes and sores, acne and burns. Taken internally, Thyme has a profound effect on restoring the immune system due to the herb’s antiseptic characteristics. Traditionally it has been used to treat asthma and other respiratory issues, common colds, depression, insomnia, anemia and colic. Pregnant or nursing women should not ingest more than the amount of Thyme commonly cooked with, as it can have an adverse effect on hormones and menstrual cycles. Zones: 4-9
Exposure: Full Sun
Size: 12″”H x 18″”S
Bloom: Lavender, Mid Spring”

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