LETTUCE Coastal Star sm 6 pk

A longtime favorite.

The large, heavy heads are dark green. Heat tolerant. Full heads or romaine hearts. Good, sweet flavor.

Coastal Star Romaine Lettuce is an open-pollinated romaine variety that produces full-sized heads of crisp, delicious lettuce. It produces dark green leaves and tall heads at maturity. Coastal Star may be harvested as leaf lettuce when plants are young, but can also be cut once for head production. It is relatively heat-tolerant and will perform well in late spring or early fall. This lettuce variety is great for planting in rows for a traditional, in-ground garden, but it also works well for container or raised bed gardening. Romaine lettuce performs well when planted densely, about 8-12 apart. This will help to shade the surrounding soil and reduce weed growth. It will also allow you to grow a significant amount of food in a small space.”

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