BEANS Dragon Langerie Bush Wax 3″ sqpt



Open-pollinated. Also known as Dragon’s Tongue. Tasty attractive 19th-century heirloom hails from the Netherlands. Compact stocky bushes bear abundant purple-violet flowers followed by flat 6″ creamy yellow pods mottled with purple tiger stripes. Sunlight intensifies color, so plant rows farther apart than normal bean spacing so interior sets become vivid. Crisp, stringless and amazingly juicy when eaten fresh. Cook or market promptly after picking; turns rubbery and loses snap when stored. Not recommended for freezing. Loses purple coloration in cooking. Seed purplish brown with blue stripes. 


Unique purple-streaked white pods, also known as Dragon’s Tongue.

Popular for eating fresh as a snap bean with super flavor and crispness – a clear winner in our taste tests. Streaks fade when cooked. Versatile variety also makes a great shelling bean or dry bean. Purple seeds.

  • Versatile
  • 6-8″ flat pods
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