HERB Coriander Vietnamese 4″ rnd

Known as ‘Rau Ram’ in Vietnam, this culinary herb has a wonderful spicy flavor with hints of cilantro. In fact, its excellent flavor and ease of growth make it a good Cilantro or Mint substitute. Lending a slightly peppery spice to dishes, compliments meats like pork very nicely. Terrific for flavoring stir frys and curries, though it tastes similar to Cilantro, it is not the same as the Cilantro plant’s seeds, which are also called Coriander. Vietnamese Coriander has green, pointed leaves that have a good spreading habit in the garden. It can be potted and grown indoors, but will stop producing once it outgrows the space allotted for it, so make sure to provide it with lots of room to grow with a bigger pot or container. Vietnamese Coriander, Rau Ram, prefers a moist environment, which makes it a great plant for areas near water gardens or places in your garden that tend to hold water longer.

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