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The Barbeque Rosemary plant produces straight stems that are sturdy enough for using as skewers for grilling vegetables, fish, seafood, and meats. Leave the Barbeque Rosemary leaves on the skewers to impart the rosemary flavor into the grilled foods and wonderful aroma throughout.
nRosmarinus officinalis ‘Barbeque’ is not as cold hardy as many of our other rosemary varieties. Having limited growing zones of 8 to 10, the Barbeque Rosemary can be grown in containers in colder zones locating the container plant outside in the garden during the warm summer season and moved indoors for the fall, winter and spring seasons. Hold barbeque rosemary over winter in a room with good light and air circulation. Do not place next to a window or air vent. High humidity can cause powdery mildew while low humidity can cause the rosemary needles to drop.
nPlanted in warmer climates, the Barbeque Rosemary can be planted directly into the garden. This larger growing rosemary variety makes a beautiful garden hedge or garden plant specimen. Fertilize with a general purpose before it begins to put on new growth in spring.
nFertilize rosemary plants lightly as excess fertilizer reduces flowering and fragrance. Good air circulation is important to prevent foliar disease. Potted plants can be moved outside to a sunny location during the summer, but should be brought inside before first frost. There are two opinions on how to keep your rosemary plant outside in the summer. One is to keep the plant in a pot and plant it, pot and all, in the garden with the rim below the soil line. This prevents damaging the roots when you bring it in. But another option is to plant it outside without the pot, digging it up about 2-3 weeks before bringing it inside and put it in the pot until it’s time to bring it inside.
nTry some simple recipes using fresh rosemary such as rosemary chicken.

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