HERB Tarragon French 4″ rnd

French Tarragon is the aristocrat of fresh herbs, a chef’s best friend, and a must for any Culinary expert.  It has a spicy anise flavor that will transform an ordinary dish into a work of art. A little tarragon in chicken salad makes a profound difference! It is wonderful in sauces, soups and meat dishes. Try it with vegetables. It is the choice for any hearty dish. Fresh tarragon is also the traditional ingredient of ‘Fines Herbes’.

Historically, Tarragon was used to soothe stomach aches, toothaches, and cure colic. The belief that it cured snakebites prompted early travelers to carry Tarragon in their boots in case of an emergency. The antibacterial and anti fungal properties to Tarragon are what really make this herb medicinally special. Tagetes ‘Mexican Mint Marigold’ can also be a great substitution in dishes for Tarragon.

Tarragon enjoys full sun and well-drained soil. The key to healthy tarragon plants is well-drained soil. Try planting in a porous container where you have more control over the moisture levels. It likes it dry. Zones: 3-7
Exposure: Full Sun

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