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English Thyme is the traditional variety of this commonly used culinary herb. English Thyme, a basic in herb gardening, has small evergreen, gray-green leaves and blooms white/pale purple in the summer. It is a robust grower, making it a good ground-cover in the garden. Like all Thyme herb plants, it is shallow-rooted and needs a moist, well-draining soil. It does best in full sun to partial sun.

Also known as “Garden” or “German” Thyme, English Thyme is popular for its use in bouquet garnis and as an ingredient in the French mixture of herbs, Fines Herbes. A great compliment to lamb, beef, eggs, infused in honey and more, English Thyme was believed to have come to America in the fleece of Greek sheep.

History of English Thyme
Originating in the Mediterranean, Thyme was used in Ancient Greece to show class and sophistication and throughout the Middle Ages, this fragrant herb took on an association with chivalry. It was also believed that fairies made their homes in small thickets of Thyme and superstitious gardeners would plant patches devoted to these herb loving sprites.

In addition to be a delicious and multifaceted culinary herb, English Thyme is an insect repellent and will keep your garden pest free. For indoor use, mix some dried Thyme and Lavender to ward off moths in your closets and drawers. Thyme has also been proven to encourage healthier growth of eggplants, tomatoes and potatoes when grown near them in the garden.

Medically, English Thyme has been historically used for its antiseptic properties on battlefields as well as in the home. Extracted oils from English Thyme have also been used to treat epilepsy, depression, headaches, and respiratory issues. Zones: 4-10
Exposure: Full Sun
Size: 12″H x 12″S
Bloom: Lavender, Mid Summer

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