TOMATO Valentine 4″sq

Delicious high-lycopene grape.

Massive early yields, deep red color, and unusually rich flavor. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Majid Foolad of Penn State University, Valentine marries the best of wild-type tomato genetics with flavorful high-performing strains. This vivid red, high-yielding, and early blight-resistant tomato is the first commercial variety developed with Penn State’s patented high-lycopene breeding lines. Excellent color contrast when mixed with Nova or Golden Sweet, Valentine adds diversity to a small tomato mix. Avg. fruit weight 12–14 gm. Long shelf life. AAS winner. U.S. Patent #8,524,992. Intermediate resistance to alternaria (early) blight.

NOTE: For best flavor, harvest when fruits are deep red. USDA Certified Organic. 55 days. Indeterminate.

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